Playground Update

We have good news for our playground!

We have some momentum building again, after completing Phase 1 (net climber, rock scramble, and slides), and installing the Rain Garden with Rainwise, and the Seattle Sounders.

Highland Park Plays has partnered with The City of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods and applied for their matching grant program! We were awarded money to adapt our construction plans to necessary changes from Phase 1.

Briefly, the original plan included reworking the ADA ramp that lies along the north end of the playground. It was decided mid-construction that redoing the ramp would be too costly, especially when it was already perfectly functional. Now that we are looking forward to the next phases, the construction Master Plan needs to be adjusted to accommodate these changes.

Since we are changing the plans anyway, this is a wonderful opportunity for the community to offer their input as to what the playground should look like! The Matching Fund Grant is for the neighborhood, not just the school! The playground is open to anyone and everyone after school hours, and we are hoping that our neighbors will offer us their ideas at 3 community meetings this spring. We don’t have the dates set yet, but we will keep you all updated!

You can check out the Highland Park Plays Facebook page here. If you would like to contact the Playground Steering Committee with anything – ideas, feedback, questions about the meetings – anything at all you can do so at

Keep playing, Highland Park!

Published by hpemustang

Parent and PTA member at Highland Park Elementary

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