Playgound Improvement Project

The Highland Park Elementary School PTA is in the process of updating the 2016 master plan for the play area which resulted in the new net climber, boulder wall-scramble, salmon fence-art mural, benches, rain garden, and garden boxes. The final concept plan for the master plan update is shown here and is the result of all the comments and feedback we received earlier in the master planning process. We appreciate your participation.

Hybrid Concept Plan

Map of the Highland Park Elementary play area showing the Hybrid Concept Plan.

1 Existing net climber

2 Amphitheater

3 Garden boxes

4 Dry cobble swale

5 Kickball

6 Basketball

7 Plaza with seating

8 Soccer

9 Lawn space

10 Play structure area

11 Playful nodes

12 Four square

13 Sensory path and blacktop games

14 Rain gardens

15 Loop path

16 Paver pathway

17 Logs / boulders for informal seating & gathering

Thank you for your participation in the planning process! Feel free to contact Darin Reynaud Knapp at if you have any questions.

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