Socioeconomic fallout of coronavirus won’t spare children.

Interesting opinion piece in today’s Seattle Times. You can read it here. School closures are going to save lives and keep hospitals from being overwhelmed. But how many lives are going to be endangered from the poverty that results from an enforced shut down?

Never Again Is Now

An art installation by Erin Shigaki currently at Bellevue College features a giant blow up photograph of two Japanese American children, taken at an Interment Camp, titled Never Again Is Now. Two weeks ago vice president Gail Barge removed a sentence from the placard about Japanese immigrants and their connection to Bellevue: “After decades of […]

Larry Gossett: an icon looks at his storied past

There is a very interesting story about Larry Gossett in the Seattle Times today. Larry Gossett is the incumbent King County Councilmember who is likely to lose reelection to Girmay Zahilay. I knew that Gossett was a local civil rights leader, but I honestly didn’t realize the extent of his work. Arrested in 1968 at […]